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Baby Room: Our baby room is a well appointed area where babies can play, explore and develop their sensory growth and awareness skills with appropriately aged toys. It has its own baby sleep room allowing infants to rest or sleep as required.

Toddler Room: It is our aim to make all of our rooms light and airy providing a homely, nurturing environment for all to enjoy. Typical daily activities include singing, art activities, sand + water play plus time for cuddles.

Tinies Room: For our 2-3 year olds they are given the opportunity to interact in activities such as crafts, games, wet + dry play and other activities to stimulate creativity and imagination. A quiet area is also provided for rest or sleep.

Pre-School Unit: Our Pre-School children enjoy a more structured day in keeping with early learning goals set by D.E.N.I. in preparation for a school day. We also take into account their nutritional needs and well-being. Through our structured day in pre-school we sing, dance, dress up and play musical instruments as well as having quiet circle time and stories.

Our outdoor play areas are spacious and divided into different areas to cater for each age groups physical development stage.

After School Club: We cater for busy working parents who feel they would like to be in work that little bit earlier. We will provide the children with a healthy breakfast and then drop them off at school. Children are collected from school and brought back to our after school facility, where they will have a light snack and homework supervision, before enjoying the activities organised for that day.